Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Dance Upon the Air" by Nora Roberts

I picked this book up because I couldn't remember if I'd read this trilogy or not.  And since one of my life-goals is to read every Nora Roberts series there is, I thought I might as well dive right in.  (Note: I had read it before, but I didn't remember many of the details).

Summary:  After faking her own death and assuming a new identity, Nell Channing decides that Sister's Island is the right place to set down roots and start a new life.  Although she quickly finds a job at the local bookstore cafe and friendship with the bookstore's owner, Mia, and local deputy, Ripley, Nell can't help feeling skittish at anything that comes too close.  Especially when that thing is Sheriff Zach Todd.  But Zach's a patient man and uses his laid back, steady personality to his advantage as he slowly finds ways to get close to the mysterious Nell.

But Nell's past isn't quite done.  As she comes into her own, and evil force awakens and threatens to destroy all Nell has come to love.  With the help of her friends Mia and Ripley, and the love of Zach, Nell must come face to face with that which scared her most, or let a curse destroy her once and for all.

My Thoughts:  I loved the setting of this book.  My heart is still a flutter from the idea of Sisters Island.  Perhaps it's due to the stage of life I'm in, but to me there is nothing better small, close knit community with a lively main drag (that includes a non-chain book store!), pretty beaches and a satisfied community.  I want to go to Sisters Island with my family, open my own business and never come back to cubicle walls, 2 feet of snow and keeping up with the Jonses ever again.

I also really liked liked Nell, which is really important when reading a cheesy romance novel.  I find her story interesting and dynamic.  Nell has hit the absolute rock bottom and is slowly clawing her way out of the darkness, on her own terms and in a way that makes her truly happy.  Her romance with Sam doesn't define her and doesn't make her happy.  She makes herself happy and Sam is just the hunky icing on the cake.

I did feel like the romance took second place to Nell's story - but I'm OK with that.  Without spoiling the story too much, Nell's first priority was to rediscover Nell, and I felt like Miz Nora did a phenomenal job.  Nell didn't feel contrived and her issues didn't feel like they were thrown in the bucket to create friction between Nell and Sam.

The regular Nora Roberts themes of creating your own family, your own future and your own happy are very much alive in this book.  It's one of the reasons I love Miz Robert's books.  Even when the characters should be out of hope, they use their force of will, determination, smarts and loved ones to make it all better.  We should all be so lucky.

Rating:  I enjoyed this book although I'm not sure I'd read it again.

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