Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Thankless in Death" by J.D. Robb

I am a Nora Roberts addict, so when I heard that she had a futuristic murder mystery series penned under the name J.D. Robb my heart nearly exploded.  I've been a fan of the "In Death" series from the first book and give it my full fledged recommendation.

Summary:  On the eve of Thanksgiving 2060 Lieutenant Eve Dallas catches a double homicide that should be easy to solve.  She knows who the murder is and why he committed the crime.  What she can't find is the man himself...and it looks like he's got a taste for killing and is going to strike again soon.  Can Eve find the bad guy before another innocent life is taken?

What I Liked:  You can't talk about an installment of the Eve Dallas "In Death" series without first exploring why the series in general is so good:

  • The main character, murder cop Eve Dallas, is a bad ass bona fide hero.  She kicks ass, takes names, finds the bad guy and saves the day.  Every time.  She also has just enough flaws to keep her likable.
  • Her romantic interest, Roarke, is gorgeous, rich, powerful, Irish and has the good sense to know his lady is fully capable of handling her shit without his interference.
  • The supporting cast of characters are well thought out, brilliantly described, and totally likable.
  • The series doesn't shy away from crime at its worst.  Even when the murder scenes are hard to read and the villains are truly despicable, they add to the story.
  • The author describes 2060 in detail, from outfits to technology to fashion.  I can only hope to some day wear air skids as I send a memo cube to my uptown honey.

But I digress, on to what I liked about the book:  This was a new take on an "In Death" story.  Instead of trying to figure out the killer's identity, Eve knows "who did it" from almost the beginning of the book.  The big challenge this time around it to catch up to the killer, to get inside his head, and to figure out who he's going to kill next before he accomplishes the deed.  The premise felt fresh and I enjoyed it immensely.

What Drove Me Nuts:  I love the dynamics between Eve and her family and friends, but this installment offered little insight into Eve's personal life.  The author falls back on Eve's fights with her husband to show Eve's emotional side, and the fights often feel cliche and repetitious this far into the series.

Rating: I liked it!  Fans of Nora Roberts and light mystery will get a kick out of this series.

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Reviewed by:  Tami

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