Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Blood Magick" by Nora Roberts

Summary:  Branna O'Dwyer and Finbar Burke consummated their young love one magical night when they were teenagers.  What should have been the start of a lifetime together instead tore them apart as a mark developed on Fin that same night---a mark that branded Finn a descendant of the ancient enemy of the O'Dwyers, the evil sorcerer Cabhan.

Now that the final fight between the current Three and Cabhan looms near, Branna must learn to not only accept Finn's help in the battle against Cabhan, but to decide once and for all if she'll let the curse laid by Sorcha dictate her life and relationship with Finn.

What I Liked:  My favorite part of a NR trilogy is her attention to family dynamics and how the interactions between brothers, friends, or in this case, cousins, flavors the individual characters and the essence of the plot.  In “Blood Magick”, main character Branna is independent with a bit of a stubborn streak.  Branna feels the burden of her heritage more heavily than her brother Connor or cousin Iona.  That feeling combined with her preference to do things her own way and her refusal to accept the help of others is one of the main obstacles she must face in the cousin’s fight with Cabhan.

I also found myself drawn to the slices of every day life NR wove throughout the main story.  While the main focus of Blood Magick is the looming magical battle with Cabhan, I found the every day scenes of family holidays, a New Years party and the in and out of Branna's life at the shop just as - if not more - fascinating than the magical parts.

What I Didn't Like:  This is first and foremost a romance novel and I felt that the overall romance between Branna and Finn was a bit lackluster.  Branna and Finn's story was all about overcoming forbidden love, but instead of the heart wrenching sadness of a couple torn apart or the soul numbing sadness of true love denied, the romance just felt...tired.  Almost like Branna and Finn were too tired to fight for their love any longer.

I also couldn't get into the rhymey rhymey spell casting.  But perhaps spending my formative years reading Harry Potter has left me a bit skeptical of spell casting.

Rating:  This was not my favorite Nora Roberts book nor my favorite Nora Roberts trilogy.  That being said, fans of Nora Roberts trilogies (especially those that liked the Key trilogy, Sign of Seven, and Circle trilogies.)

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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