Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I saw a picture of this book on instagram and checked it out from the library on a whim.

Summary:  Nick Young has been called home to Singapore for his best friend's wedding and it only seems natural to bring his girlfriend of two years home with him.  Unfortunately for Rachel, Nick forgot to tell her that his family is rich.  And not just really rich, but crazy rich.  Oh, and with his best friend getting married, Nick is now the most eligible bachelor on the island.

Rachel is unprepared to be thrust into a world where millions are spent each season on designer clothing and houses and apartments put castles to shame.  But what's even worse than being blindsided by the strange world Nick's family lives in is the unsettling knowledge that Nick's family and circle think she's a gold digger...and learning that they will hold nothing back to break them apart.

Full of intrigue, gossip and the idle rich, "Crazy Rich Asians" is a fictional but in-depth look at the insane lives of China's elite.

My Thoughts:  I didn't know what to think when I picked this book up, but I gave the gold and hot pink cover a chance and was soon engrossed in the insane lives the characters lived.  Each chapter follows a different character or set of characters through a two week period in Singapore.

Nick is the only son and presumptive heir to a massive fortune.  Taught never to talk about money, it never crosses his mind to warn his girlfriend Rachel about his radical lifestyle in the home country, nor does it cross his mind that his family won't love Rachel as much as he does.

Rachel is an economic professor at NYU and is thrust into a world full of social rules, unspoken understandings and gossip without any preparation.  Faced with the label of gold digger, Rachel must fend off bored rich daughters attempts to scare her back to America.

Added to Nick and Rachel are Nick's obnoxious, social climbing cousin Eddie, his classy yet fragile cousin Astrid, Nick's mother Eleanor and her crazy friends, and a variety of other crazy rich but slightly insane other characters.

I really enjoyed the cast of characters.  Their personalities, motives and lifestyles were planned out meticulously, which added a rich layer of detail to the story.  The plot was ridiculous, but was also part of the charm.  You can tell that Kevin Kwan, a native of Singapore, loves his country and its luxurious, colorful culture.

What I didn't like was the ending to the book.  I wanted the story to wrap up each story line with a definitive ending for each character.  What happened instead felt like a pat on the head and a "maybe to be continued."

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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