Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"Festive in Death" by J. D. Robb

Just in time for Christmas!  I try to get on the library list for the J.D. Robb books as soon as Nora Roberts posts her publishing schedule for the upcoming year.  I was on the list for this book in early 2014....then had a baby.  My hold at the library came and went with me none the wiser.  So imagine my excitement when I was browsing for something to read and realized there was an In Death book I hadn't read...and that there was no wait!

Summary:  Lt. Eve Dallas is a murder cop in 2060 New York.  She stands for the victim and gives her investigations 1010% in order to find justice...even when the newly deceased turns out to be an asshole.  When Eve gets tagged on a homicide right before Christmas, she soon finds herself investigating the life and career of a personal trainer found with a bashed in head and long list of enemies.  In classic J.D. Robb style, Dallas must use her best assets--her wits and her colleagues--to solve the latest crime.

What I Liked:  One of the things I really like about the In Death series is how author J. D. Robb inserts humor into what is usually a grisly murder investigation.  There are usually a few genuine "laugh out loud" lines woven into the story, and "Festive in Death" didn't disappoint.  One of my favorite "in" jokes of the book had to do with boozy Santa Eve and her partner Peabody once shared and elevator with.  Upon running into him a second time:
“Well, stop it or . . . Crap, is that Drunk Santa currently mooning passing traffic?”“Wow, that’s some ugly ass he’s got there. It is Drunk Santa. Oh, please, do we have to stop? Think of the smell. Fear it.”“We can’t leave that ugly ass hanging out on Ninth Avenue.” Resigned, Eve started to pull over, then spotted two hustling beat cops. Pitying them, she kept going.“It’s a Christmas miracle,” Peabody said, reverently.”     -J.D. Robb, Festive in Death
If you read my review of "Thankless in Death" you'll know that I was disappointed that Eve's relationships with friends and family was mostly left out of the plot.  I believe that how Eve interacts with her husband makes her relateable, how she reacts to Peabody, McNab and Summerset makes her funny and how she communicated with her friends makes her human.  If you're like me, you'll be happy to know that Roarke and Peabody are central characters and that many of Eve's friends make an appearance, including Mavis, Reo, Nadine, Dr. Mira, Dr. Morris, Charles and Louise and even Dickhead himself.

What Drove Me Nuts:  I don't have any complaints.  I thought this was a solid story with the great dialogue and excellent character building I expect from the In Death brand.

Rating:  Read it!  It was a solid and fast read.

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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