Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Rocket Men" by Craig Nelson

This book appealed to me because I am becoming very interested in space travel and colonizing other worlds. I didn't know a lot about the Apollo program before this book and wanted to know more. I borrowed it from the library and started listening to it with Tami, but she quickly lost interest.

Summary: This dense, 17 hour audiobook has everything you could want to know about humanity's journey to the moon ... and everything you didn't. This is a detailed account of the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo programs, including a deep look at the origin of rocket science. All the big names get a part, including Goddard, Von Braun, James Webb, Kennedy, Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins and plenty more. It goes into the politics of World War II, the cold war and domestic support for space exploration. It talks about rocket science and surviving in space. It goes into the lives of the astronauts and uses a lot of quotes from primary sources. It delves into the fears of the NASA employees and what they did to minimize the dangers. This book is a truly comprehensive look at our trip to the moon.

What I Liked: This taught me everything I know about moon trips. I feel like I can talk intelligently about NASA history now that I have finished this book.

What I Didn't Like: It felt a lot like a history lecture, and not a particularly great one. It had a whole heck of a lot of quotes, which are awkward in an audiobook. I glossed over parts of it without really listening.

Rating: Tami didn't make it past the second disc. If you are really curious about the moon missions it is a good choice, but if you are ambivalent,  avoid this book.

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Reviewed By: Nick

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