Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn

"Gone Girl" was suggested to me by a dear college friend so I picked it up at the library on my way home from work.  Two days later I had finished the book with a look of sinister glee on my face.  The story was excellently crafted, the characters were well developed and plot was sinister.  Check it out!

Summary:  Nick Dunne and his semi-famous wife Amy don't get along.  In fact, you could say the brilliant couple has been fighting off and on for the last year of their marriage.  And Amy is winning.

On the Dunne's five year anniversary, Amy disappears in what looks like a struggle.  Nick, with no alibi, shortly becomes the number one suspect in the investigation.  As the police take a closer look at Nick, they come across some significant---and damning---evidence that suggest Nick and Amy aren't all they appear to be.

What I Liked:
  • Told in alternating chapters (first Nick, present day, then Amy, past diary entry) the format of the story adds to its appeal.  The mystery unfolds piece by piece and the layers of suspense build as the reader tries to figure out whodunit simultaneously with the characters.
  • The whiplash way in which the characters reveal themselves.  My opinions of Nick and Amy changed rapidly from chapter to chapter.  I experienced a range of emotions as the characters unfolded; mostly shocked, appalled, resigned.  Flynn has a way of crafting characters that are unbelievably believable!
  • The plot could have been ripped from the headlines of today's news outlets.  Did anyone else think "Nancy Grace"?
  • The ending:  I feel that the main characters got exactly what they deserved.

What Drove Me Nuts:
  • The characters made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE.  I wanted to reach into the pages and slap Nick silly multiple times.  Amy....well....lets just say I was happy leaving Amy in the book.
  • There was no good guy.  The only "good" characters were secondary.
  • The ending:  I feel that while the characters got what they deserved, it still wasn't the right ending.  I won't ruin it here, but I suspect I'm not alone in this.
Rating:  Must Read

Also Read by this Author:  Nothing yet, but I'm going to add "Sharp Objects" to my reading list!

Reviewed By:  Tami

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