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"The Last Boyfriend" by Nora Roberts

Part two of the Inn Boonsboro trilogy brings the Montgomery brothers to the punch out phase of construction, a step closer to solving the mystery of Lizzie and the undeniable connection between Owen Montgomery and long time family friend Avery McTavish.

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Summary:  Avery McTavish has loved Owen Montgomery since she was a little girl.  She even declared him her first boyfriend before her age hit double digits.  As most young crushes do, her infatuation faded into the background as she worked her way through college and the opening of her own restaurant, Vesta, on the town square.  However, now that Avery sees Owen every day as he works on the Inn, her feelings are starting to rekindle, and she's not sure how to take the next step...or if she even should.  Centered around the final phases of construction on the Inn, "The Last Boyfriend" matches super organized and controlled Owen with the spontaneous and fun loving Avery.

What I Liked:  I really liked this story and have to admit its my favorite of the series.  Something about one of the title characters being spreadsheet obsessed really gave me something to relate to.  Who wouldn't love a gentle giant with an obsessive need to make lists and ensure everything is as prepared as can be?

As the reader, I can definitely tell that Nora Roberts feels that the soul of the series resides within the Montgomery brothers, as one of the predominant themes is the connection between family, those of blood and those we choose.  And I like that.  I often wish I saw more of my own siblings so I really enjoy reading about brothers that are obviously best friends well into their thirties.  Maybe its because I'm a new mom to a baby boy, but the obvious love the and closeness of the Montgomery family really hit a tender chord in me.

I also rather liked Avery, although I'm usually annoyed by Robert's "bouncy, spontaneous" female leads.  While Avery was prone to dancing in place (yuck) and over-enthusiasm (blech), Avery's personality had a solid core based in hard work and determination that came through loud and clear, which gave her more substance than I expected.

Overall I thought the story hit all the right notes for a romance:  the main focus of Owen and Avery's evolving relationship was interwoven with between fascinating and heartfelt side stories that touched on Clare and Beckett, the expanded Montgomery family and Lizzie's history with the Inn.

What Drove Me Nuts:  I still think the ghost story is totally unnecessary.

Rating:  By far my favorite of a series I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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