Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Dealing With Dragons" by Patricia C. Wrede

I first read this book in junior high, when I stumbled across it while procrastinating in my school's library.  I came across it again on a display at my local library and decided to see if I liked it as much now that I was an adult (and had access to the internet).

I did.

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Summary:  Cimorene is not your usual princess.  Etiquette and embroidery bore her and she doesn't particularly want to settle down with Prince Charming.  To avoid an arranged marriage and a destiny of boredom, Cimorene runs away to the enchanted forest in the hope of finding her own way in the world, outside the normal rules for a princess.  As she runs farther away from home, Cimorene finds herself in the Mountains of Morning and in the company of the fiercest beats in the forest....dragons.

What I Liked:  This story was created by a local Minnesotan author, which always gives me a little tingle of pride.  However; even if Wrede hadn't been from my favorite state, I still would have enjoyed this book.

This alternate take on traditional fairy tales is witty----the main female characters are smart, practical and self sufficient.  "Dealing with Dragons" makes fun of the more ridiculous fairy tale traditions while still embracing the magic and fun of the genre.

"Dealing with Dragons" is incredibly clever.  Wrede uses traditional fairy tale structure, characters and plot lines but gives them a twist that allows for the main female characters to have strength and help themselves and others.

What Drove Me Nuts:  Not much.  At times the story seemed a little slow, but I'm rather impatient so other readers may not notice this at all.

Rating:  A great book for fantasy fans age 8 and up!

Also Read By This Author:  I read all four installments of the Enchanted Forest series in the 90s and hope to re-read them again.

Reviewed By:  Tami

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