Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Watership Down" by Richard Adams

I picked this audio book because I remembered that several people had read it when I was younger and I wondered if I had missed something.

Summary: This is the story of two rabbits, Hazel and Fiver, who fear their warren is aboutto be destroyed by humans and decide to leave. They recruit several other rabbits to join them and they head out on an adventure. They cross dangerous rivers, fight off predators and encounter other rabbits. They find hutch rabbits on a farm, a seagull, human traps, other warrens, trains, cars and a world of other strange things. Their adventure puts them in danger over and over and it is through cleverness, gumption and luck that they persevere. 

When the adventure lulls, the rabbits tell each other stories of the legendary rabbit El-ahrairah, an incredibly clever guy who could trick any of his enemies into working for him. And each chapter starts out with one or two quotes that relate to the events of that chapter. 

The book is written from a rabbit's perspective meaning that human contraptions are described as a rabbit might see it. Also, great care is taken that the rabbits don't do things that are not possible. They never use thumbs, for instance. The book also uses a rabbit language called Lapine which has words for all the things a rabbit might find important, but for which a human wouldn't have a nice word.

What I Liked: I am a fan of adventure stories and this is an epic tale. The character development is good, even though they are rabbits. I liked the stories of El-ahrairah and enjoyed each of their challenges in turn. 

What I Didn't Like: Hmmm.  (Tami notes:  this book is about bunnies.  BUNNIES.)

Also Read By This Author: None.

Rating: Highly recommended. 

Reviewed by: Nick

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