Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"The Bride Wore Size 12" by Meg Cabot

I added this book to my library reserve list when I was planning my wedding.  At the time I was dying to get my hands on a lighthearted wedding story I could read to get away from the stresses of seating charts and RSVPs.

Summary:  Former teen pop star and current assistant housing director Heather Wells is planning her upcoming wedding at New York's epic Plaza Hotel all while welcoming this year's batch of freshmen to New York College when everything falls apart.  A VIR and his bodyguards cause drama in the dorm, her money stealing mama makes a dramatic reappearance on her doorstep and the curse of Death Dorm strikes again.  Will Heather be able to solve this years mysterious death and still make it to the altar?

What I Liked:  While I love a good and gruesome murder mystery, I also enjoy the more lighthearted (am I really saying this) murder mysteries.  "The Bride Wore Size 12" didn't disappoint.  The plot was downright cute, the dialog was entertaining and the over-the-top characters toed the line at almost unbelievable...but in a way that was so charming it only added to the fun feeling of the book.

What Drove Me Nuts:  There were two things that drove me a little batty, but they were really minor:
  1. The plot and characters really did toe the line between hilarious and completely unbelievable.
  2. This was clearly a recent installment in a series.  And now I have to go back and read the rest!

Rating:  Go into this story with a light heart and you'll enjoy it!

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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