Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Lover At Last" by J.R. Ward

I first came across the Black Dagger Brotherhood series while reading a book review on the first book in the series in one of my mom's First magazines.  It was during the "Twilight" phenomena and was coined as vampires for adults.  I ordered it from the library and have read every book since.

Please note:  These books are not for the uptight.  They're from the romance category and the author doesn't shy away from sex or sexy topics.  She also doesn't discriminate against same sex relationships, of which this installment covers.

Summary:  The Black Dagger Brotherhood returns!  The latest alpha-male, ass-kicking vampire romance installment showcases the first homosexual romance story I've come across.  Baylock and Qhuinn grew up as BFFs...or at least, that's what Qhuinn thought.  Blay, on the other hand, found himself hopelessly in love with Qhuinn and watched in agony as Qhuinn used sex and danger to counter his emotionally damaged heart.  As the guys grow up, Qhuinn's emotional distance and occasional downright obliviousness finally breaks Blay's heart and forces him to cut Qhuinn out of his life...and himself into the arms of Qhuinn's debonair cousin Saxton.  Except Blay can't stop loving Qhuinn, no matter how hard he tries.

What Blay doesn't know is that Qhuinn has a soft spot for Blay, even thought he knows in his (damaged) heart that he's not worthy of such a male.  Qhuinn tries to let Blay go.  But then Qhuinn is slammed with personal tragedy after personal tragedy that forces his heart to finally open.  But will bygones be bygones?  Will Blay unlock his own wounded heart to accept what Qhuinn is finally offering?

What I Liked:  The author pays respect to the long history Blay and Qhuinn have.  Their love drama has unfolded across several books, and I was afraid that one character would weaken and "give in" to other.  This didn't happen and I was so glad each character stood their ground.

I also enjoyed how Ward dug into the feelings of the supporting characters as Blay and Qhuinn's relationship unfolds.  She doesn't sugar coat the coming out process and she is honest about the characters feelings as they make their big step into being their true selves.  Brava, Ms. Ward.

I also really enjoy how the author touches on past characters from the series to move the plot forward (instead of just checking in) as well as introducing future characters for the next book in the series.  There are a few couples I'm speculating on!

What Drove Me Nuts:  The dialogue is sort of hip-hop fabulous (which I secretly like) and full of acronyms that I have to pause and think about or google to decipher.  I admit that this could be due to my own lack of coolness.  I also think the names of the main characters are a little ridiculous.  Qhuinn?  Zsadist?  Phury?  Vishious?  I totally get that each brother has a Warrior name, but do they have to have to be spelled like that?  My post is full of red lines and I'm pretty sure my spell check is going to revolt.

Rating:  If you like romance and vampires, this series could be for you.  If you're homophobic, you should read this so you can get over it.  But that's just my opinion.

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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