Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Never Have Your Dog Stuffed" By Alan Alda

Tami and I watched every episode of the West Wing together (a show where Alda has a big supporting role) and we both grew up with M*A*S*H on the television. We decided that Alda would be interesting, and we were right. We picked this one up as an audio book and listened to it in the car.

Summary: This is a memoir in which Alda reflects on his life from his earliest memories as the son of a travelling burlesque comedian all the way up through the end of Scientific American Frontiers in 2007.  The story is told through vignettes of his unique and unconventional boyhood and as well as through well thought out analysis of what it means to be a comedian, an actor, a host and a "civilian".  Alda reflects on his father, who was a mentor and rival and tries to come to terms with his mother who suffered from a near debilitating mental illness.  Alda reminisces about supporting his family through "professional" gambling while taking any acting gig he could get and his time at M*A*S*H where he was able to hone his writing skills and define himself as one of the most well remembered television actors of his time.

What We Liked: Alda has a lot of experience writing and a very good sense of humor. The entire audio book was fun to listen to. There were a number of jokes and funny stories mixed in with more serious memories, including boarding school, his thought on religion and his efforts during the equal rights movement. We learned a lot about the actor who we only knew as the man on the screen.

What We Didn't Like: He didn't talk about his time on the West Wing!

Rating: If you like Alda as an actor, you should read this book.  If you don't know who he is, you should read this book

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Reviewed By: Nick and Tami.

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