Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Risky Game" by Tracy Solheim

I saw a highly rated review of this book on and thought I'd pick it up from the library.  I felt a little guilty, like I was cheating on Miz Roberts, but I figure its OK to take a little break as I wait for the next trilogy to come out.
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Summary:  Professional football tight end (see what she did there) Brody Janik is an all-star on and off the field.  Incredibly handsome and a natural athlete, Janik lives a charmed life...until he is diagnosed with high blood sugar.  Afraid his medical condition will hinder his contact renewal, Janik decides to hide his secret from the team.  Except team intern and PhD candidate Shay Everett overhears Janik's secret while spying on the team to gather information to sell to a gossip blogger.

Although Shay works hard---three jobs hard---to support herself through grad school, Shay can't stomach the thought of selling out someone else for some easy cash.  But although Shay decides to keep Janik's secret to herself, Janik soon learns that Shay is in the know, and decides to keep his friends close and his enemies closer via blackmail.

What starts out as a working relationship of convenience soon blossoms into something more as Janik learns to appreciate a woman that challenges him and Shay learns how to rely on someone other than herself.

My Thoughts:  I've never read a sports romance before; in fact I wasn't even aware they existed.  Let me tell you...I've been missing out!  This book was everything I look for in a romance:  witty dialogue, interesting characters, a look into the lives of people with jobs I know nothing about, a sexy romance with believable emotion, funny supporting characters and a happy ending.

Janik and Shay had a snarky, interesting dynamic that made the couple's ascent into love believable.  Janik and Shay didn't fall into love, or even like, right away.  Both characters had to grow throughout the story in order to fall for each other.

Brody Janik is a proverbial golden boy - rich, talented and handsome, but he's also self aware in a way that I found refreshing in a romantic hero.  Janik recognizes that his life is charmed right now, but is afraid of what will happen after football.  This fear keeps his eyes on the prize - renewing his contract - even when he knows he needs more to be satisfied in life

Shay is tough and intelligent and her traits help her keep her eye on her prize - her PhD and and lined up job that will help her save her mom's business.  Emotionally abused by her overbearing Meemaw (side note...ick) Shay's biggest challenge is loving herself enough to let herself be loved.

As Janik and Shay interact, their personalities grow in such a way that their instant sexual attraction turns into real believable romantic chemistry.  And I ate it up like a carton of Ben & Jerry's on a Thursday night.

Rating:  I'll read this again, and I've already requested the rest of the series from the library.

Also Read By Author:  Nada, but I'm going to check out all her stuff.

Reviewed By:  Tami

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