Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Don't Know Much About Geography" by Kenneth C Davis

We picked up this audiobook from the library because we both find geography interesting and and thought it might be fun.

Summary: This is a question and answer format text that goes over a wide variety of geography questions. It is broken up into sections called lessons and feels very much like something a substitute teacher might use when the geography teacher was out sick and didn't leave any instructions.

A variety of questions are asked, one at a time. Some are really bizarre and others are open-ended. The author then answers each question to the best of their ability, including historical references. There is no plot to this book, but instead is an FAQ. The level of questions are around high school, which for many of them meant I knew the answer already and for others it meant I had a vague memory of learning about the topic, but let the knowledge fade over the years.

What I Liked: Some of the information was very interesting. And the author had a subtle political bias that matches my own.

What I Didn't Like: I would have preferred something with a story arch, not just a series of questions. I have read very informational books with compelling narratives holding everything together and had hoped for that with this book.

Rating: Might be interesting for k-12 students, but then again, we have the internet now.

Also Read by this Author: None.

Reviewed by: Nick

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