Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"I'll Mature When I'm Dead" by Dave Barry

This audiobook was picked up at the library. Tami selected it because the title sounded funny. Dave Barry is a humor writer from Miami who's column has been syndicated in over 500 newspapers. He also received a Pulitzer Prize for a column he wrote.  

Summary: In journalism most articles need to go across the editor's desk and Barry can't always get his ideas to fit into the limitations set by the paper. So he writes books when too many ideas need to be put on paper. This book is a series of unconnected stories covering a variety of topics including weddings, journalism, dogs, babies, church, and more. Each story is riddled with punchlines presented as truth. Sometimes it was difficult to tell when he was joking and when he was simply stating fact. These are longer pieces than would be found in one of his articles meaning that he could go into detail and really build up some punchlines over an extended period. 

Things We Liked: It was really funny and Barry is definitely an experienced writer. He is also amazing at describing situations that are so relatable it felt like he was recalling my own memories.  Tami's favorite piece was Barry's closing story of his son's wedding in New York City.  His astonishment at the mechanics and cost involved were hilarious while his heartfelt joy at his son's marriage was sweet and sentimental.

Things We Didn't Like: It was too short. 

Rating: If you are a human and like humor, check it out.

Other Books Read By This Author: Nothing yet, but expect some in the future.

Reviewed By: Nick and Tami

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