Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"But Enough About Me..." by Jancee Dunn

I saw this book on my friend Julie's Goodreads wish list and thought I would give it a try.  I'm a sucker for a funny life story and this did not disappoint!

Summary:  Jancee Dunn grew up a typical 80's Jersey girl:  big hair, loud parties and lots of music.  Her early years pouring over liner notes led her to a job as a reporter at Rolling Stone magazine and lifetime of hobnobbing with celebrities from Dolly Parton to Bono.  Dunn paired her life story with hilarious anecdotes from her more memorable interviews, including tips on how to get the lead singer of a band's attention and how to glean interesting facts from even the most prosaic interview.

What I Liked:  Dunn didn't shy away from moments that painted her in an unflattering light.  She came across as (brutally) honest about her journey from a nerdy rock chick just starting out to an aging hipster trying to find her next path in an industry that glorifies youth.  Dunn's more hilarious moments include the story of her interview with Dolly Parton as well as her own thoughts on why sharing a beach house is a terrible idea.  I also really enjoyed Dunn's stories about her family; you could see the love on every page, even the ones where she scammed her sisters out of money as a pre-teen holding "sales" in her bedroom.

What Drove Me Nuts:  Not much.  There were times in the story that I wished someone had given Dunn a good reality shake, but those uncomfortable moments are human and I appreciated her candor in their telling.

Rating:  This would be a great book to take along when travelling, because each chapter was broken into its own vignette.  I was able to pick it up on plane flights without loosing any satisfaction from halting the story mid-book.

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Reviewed By:  Tami

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