Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Caves of Ice" By Sandy Mitchell

After finishing the ebook of For the Emperor, I started this one, the second in the Commissar Cain series.

Summary: This story takes place a short time after the first book. Commissar Cain is still assigned to the 597th Valhallans and on a civilian vessel headed for the next mission. Commandeered by the Imperial Guard, the captain of the ship is not excited to be headed toward danger, but time is short and no troop ship is nearby. The regiment lands on Simia Orichalcae, an ice covered planet that reminds the Valhallans of their homeworld. Orks have crash landed and are marching to the promethium refinery looking for good fight and possibly a means to repair their ship.

The 597th dig in to repel the horde of orks and their terrifying war machine called a gargant. The mechanized walker towers over the battle and festooned with weapons, covered in thick armor. The "brave hero" Cain abuses his authority to avoid the battlefield dangers and leads a mission down into the promethium mines, justifying it by ensuring no orks had found a secret entrance into the tunnel network. Not actually expecting to find anything, Cain's team stumbles into a situation more dangerous than the raging battle on the surface. Once committed, Cain's reputation is on the line to resolve the issue.

The Adeptas Mechanicus play a big role in this book and a squad of Stormtroopers gets moment in the spotlight.

What I Liked: This story had more action and higher stakes than the first, because the enemies were less predictable. 

What I Didn't Like: Sometimes the narrator leaves Cain's perspective and follows someone else in order to flesh out the situation. These sidelines are less interesting than Cain's story.

Rating: Love it! I will definitely read the rest of the series.

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A side note, Sandy Mitchell is a pseudonym for Alex Stewart.

Reviewed by: Nick

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