Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Summon the Keeper" by Tanya Huff

Moment of honesty:  My Aunt lent me this book back in 2010 and I hesitated to read it because one of the main characters was a cat.  That talks.  I'm not sure why this prevented me from giving the book a shot---especially since my Aunt is usually spot on with suggestions---but it did.  What's more ridiculous is that I've read books full of magic or vampires or talking horses.  I guess it was just something about the cat.  Four years later when I moved into my new house with my husband, I came across a box of books that had been loaned to me and that I intended to read "someday".  I picked this one off the top of the pile and sped through it in a few days.

Summary:  When a Keeper feels a Summoning, she must follow the command.  That's how Claire Hansen finds herself checking into Elysian Fields Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast on a blustery Canadian evening.   When Claire wakes up the next morning, she finds herself not only the new owner of the Guesthouse, but with a note warning her to stay out of room six.  And also a hole to hell in the basement.

Along with a sassy cat, an innocent hunk and an amorous French Canadian host, Claire must find a way to seal the hole to hell and deal with the problem in room six before she finds herself stuck to the site forever.

What I Liked:
  • The dialog in this story is hilarious.  From Claire to the Cat to Hell itself, everyone has snarky comment to make.  I found myself laughing out loud more than once.
  • While the plot followed traditional fantasy story lines, the twists and turns it took were new (to me) and very cleverly thought out.  The author didn't make any mistakes and there weren't any gaping plot holes to be found.
  • The author is just a good writer.  She introduced the rules of her world slowly and in a way that made sense to me as the reader.  It was fun to stumble across new concepts as the book progressed.
  • The guests that popped in and out of the guesthouse kept the story moving and brought moments of hilarity and absurdity to the plot.  A sexy musician vampire?  Werewolves?  A hideously annoying elderly neighbor?  Yes please!
  • Overall, this book was just fun.  And fine.  I liked the talking cat.

What Drove Me Nuts:
  • There wasn't much I disliked about the book, once I got over the thought of  talking cat.
  • The book was written in 1998, so the technology references may make some readers guffaw.
  • Don't get me started about the fashion.  It's just so.....Canadian.....
Rating:  Fantasy lovers, add this to your must read list!

Reviewed By:  Tami

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