Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"William Shakespeare's Star Wars" by Ian Doescher

My best friend received this book as a Christmas gift and after reading it lent it to me. 

Summary: Honestly, this is the story of Star Wars, Episode 4: A New Hope. That's it. 

Well, there are some differences. Like how the whole thing is written in the style of William Shakespeare. Many of the speeches are adaptations of famous Shakespearean soliloquies or turns of phrase. I have not read many of his plays, but even I recognized a lot of bits here and there that were space-age adaptations of the Bard, like "Once more unto the trench, dear friends, once more!" for example. It was also interesting to imagine this as a stage production with actors reading these lines to a live audience. The play includes stage directions explaining where the actors should go and what they should be doing. The space battle even envisions pilots arranged on the stage to attack the Deathstar. 

Many times the characters have wonderful soliloquies where they explain their thoughts to the reader in a way that is never done in the movie. R2-D2 finally gets to say some things, but only to we readers. There are also a few illustrations that are inspired by the Renaissance era, but depict the high tech world. All around this is a perfect book for that nerd who loves sci-fi movies and Renaissance festivals!

What I Liked: This is a very funny book because this combines two things that don't necessarily go together. They pair up awkwardly which is fun to read. Since this is a retelling of a popular story, it also is a commentary on the story. We get to see what Doescher thinks about the inner minds and motivations of the characters.

What I Didn't Like: Shakespearean writing is always a bit frustrating for me.

Rating: AMAZING. If you like Star Wars (which, of course you do) then you will find this book very entertaining.

Also Read by this Author:  This is his first book, but I will be reading the next two in the trilogy.

Reviewed by: Nick

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