Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Size 14 is Not Fat Either" by Meg Cabot

Former mall pop sensation turned residence hall director Heath Wells is back with yet another dorm murder on her hands.  Will she be able to solve the latest mystery of Death Dorm?

Summary:  Winter break has come to a close and the New York College freshmen and sophomores have returned to Fischer Hall to kick off a new semester.  Heather herself is ready to spring into action when a gruesome discovery in the cafeteria puts the dorm on high alert and Heather in the middle of yet another who-done-it.

What I Liked:  I feel like I repeat myself every time I review an installment of the Heather Wells series, but I'll say it again.  These books are funny, cute and definitely lighthearted.  They are easily read over a few afternoons, or ideally a day at the beach!

Another side benefit: the farther I get away from the college, the more hilarious college students seem.  This story in particular poked fun at Greek life and boy bands in a clever, if slightly insane way.

What Drove Me Nuts:  I had to put the book down twice because the main character is sometimes just TOO DITZY.  But I always get over it, pick it back up, and enjoy how her moments of total airheadedness turn out.

Rating:  Drop the kids off with grandma, pick up a cocktail and enjoy.

Reviewed by:  Tami

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