Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton with Book Club Questions!

Kate Morton is one of my favorite authors.  Her stories are cleverly written, have immensely likable characters and always have a surprise twist at the end.  Every time I see a new Kate Morton, I immediately move it to the top of my "must read" list.  She's never let me down!

Summary:  Sixteen year old Laurel is pouting in her family's tree house when she spots a strange man approaching her mother and baby brother.  In the next few moments, Laurel witnesses a terrible crime that will become a secret she holds for her entire life.  And that's just the prologue!

The Secret Keeper crafts two central timelines which alternate between the chapters in a riveting race to the finish: Dorothy, Vivien and Ben, whose paths collide in WWII during the Blitz and Laurel's modern day search for her mother's secret past.

What I liked:  I love the way Kate Morton crafts her stories.  The Secret Keeper touched upon subjects that pique my interest and combine them in a unique and interesting way:

  • Revenge, misunderstanding and tragic pasts
  • The unfolding of a love story in England during the Blitz of WWII
  • Memorable, complex and charming characters with defined personalities and motivations
  • A murder mystery where the back story and the modern day investigation race to the finish
  • Family dynamics shown in a funny yet realistic way

What drove me nuts:  I loved this book, so there wasn't much that hit my nut-o-meter.  There were times when some of the characters drove me a little nuts (hello Dorothy) but those layers added so much to the characters that in the long run, I was kind of glad for her and her ways.

Rating:  MUST READ

Also read by this author:  The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours.
{Note:  All of these books are worth a read!}

Reviewed by:  Tami

Bonus Book Club Questions:

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